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Farming tips

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016

Farming tips

If you’re like me, you probably dreamt of having your farm since you were a little boy. Simply doing the chores on your own land, providing for yourself and your family seemed like a perfect life.

With a strong desire and unwavering will to succeed, I’ve overcome many obstacles and fulfilled my childhood dream, and I’m willing to share my experience with anyone willing to listen. There were many detours on my path that I wish I skipped, but a lack of knowledge and experience will surely hold anyone back. Without further ado, here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way.Red-clay-deb-thompson-727x409

First of all, respect the soil. Soil health is financial health. You have to understand that you are dealing with a living system and that your actions will have consequences. No matter what you do, or not will impact that system. What you should think about is how to make your impact as positive as it can be.

veggies-and-fruitsSecondly, aim to become a price maker. It doesn’t matter if you are producing a high-quality product and in large quantities if the market prices plummet. Sometimes, if you’re not a price maker, the harvesting of said product will cost you more than you will earn by selling it, which means – take matters into your own hands.

Marketing your product is as important as producing it, but it’s often neglected the aspect of farming.

The next thing you should try and do is to get organic certification.

organicAs the technology progresses, we are learning more and more about the negative effects of chemicals used on plants to protect them against diseases, insects and what not. When the majority of the population become informed on all the negative effects and potential threats of non-organic products, most people will look for organic food. Not only will this part of the market grow, but it will cost more as well.

The fourth tip I have for you today is – feed the soil what it needs when it needs it.

Soil testing is becoming a necessity and most farmers today can’t imagine farming without it. You need to feed the soil the required ingredients when it needs it most. With proper planning not only will you save a lot of money, but you will also increase the productivity and quality of your product.

Most importantly, you need to learn how to relax.

Farmers are usually dealing with a lot more stress than regular folk; you are having a hard time dealing with greedy supermarket chains, unpredictable climate changes, declining soil fertility and a bunch of other things, among physical exhaustion too.1227

If you like to do physical work yourself and start feeling some kind of pain, you should get a pinched nerve treatment as soon as possible. Don’t try to persist through pain, don’t bring yourself down with negative thoughts, always try to relax as much as you can, and you will be fine. I, myself, found meditation very useful when dealing with heavy losses and negative mindset.

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